Selling and maintaining emergency generators is OK Generators ONLY business. Our comprehensive list of services includes:

Preventive Maintenance Plans

Regular comprehensive maintenance programs are a MUST for all legally required emergency power systems. These plans bring piece of mind to businesses and organizations and help predict and correct possible failures before they occur and often times before warranties lapse. Be proactive, and trust OK Generators to keep the lights on for you with a preventive maintenance program.

Load Bank Testing

Known as the "stress test" for generators, load bank testing places generators, engines and all accessories under full rated load to ensure your equipment will perform in the event of a prolonged power outage. It is required upon initial start up and any time major repairs are completed on a generator. Protect your emergency power system, and call OK Generators today.

Emergency Service Calls

With the largest local service fleet in Florida, OK Generators stands ready to provide emergency service 24/7 to our customers when they need it the most.

Fuel Cleaning/Polishing

As fuel loses its properties over time, it stops burning correctly and can damage equipment. OK Generators certified service technicians will clean your fuel, returning it to original specifications.

Temporary (Rental) Generators

When one of our customers has a generator go down, OK Generators has temporary generators ready to install while waiting for repairs or replacement of the down equipment.

Fire Department-Required Certifications

Our routine maintenance programs satisfy all certification requirements by the National Fire Protection Association, including NFPA 110 which is the industry standard for emergency and standby power systems.

Complete System Maintenance and Repairs

Engine repairs, control repairs, paralleling systems, whatever your service and maintenance needs, OK Generators will meet and exceed them.

Four Important Questions

This question will weed out the one and two man operations who lose half of their work force if one tech (or both) gets sick or goes on vacation. When the big storm hits and the building is dark, are you number one on the list or number 21 ? This answer will also tell you if a company is in another line of work and only servicing generators part time. Factory certification is extremely important.

FACT: After hurricane Wilma, OK Generators responded to every down customer within 24 hours.

Sorry, but we do not service non-service agreement customers before, during or after a major storm. All technicians are reserved for those with valid service agreements.

OK Generators stocks over $250,000 in repair parts inventory so that we can get the customer back up and running with minimal down time..

Any service organization which hangs its hat on reputation should have no problem supplying you with references local to you. This will give you an idea of response time to your area as well as quality of service.

Beware of the outfit who wants to keep their customers in the dark. These companies either want to sell you materials and/or services which are not necessary or don’t have the background themselves needed to provide proper training. An informed customer helps a service company arrive on site with proper materials and equipment to avoid costly repeat trips as well as minimize down time. We will train your maintenance personnel to recognize and communicate problems before they happen.