Understanding an NFPA110


The NFPA Standards Council recently released the 2013 edition of NFPA 110. NFPA 110 covers construction, installation, maintenance and operational testing requirements for Emergency Power Supply Systems (EPSS).

This year’s edition featured certain edits and changes. Chief among the changes in this edition were several adjustments, including informational Annex recommendations, intended to improve Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) reliability through better fuel oil management processes.

The following are some highlights of this year’s NFPA 110:


Level 1 – System shall be installed when failure of the equipment to perform could result in loss of human life or serious injuries.

Level 2 – Systems shall be installed when failure of the EPSS to perform is less critical to human life and safety and where the AHJ shall permit a higher degree of flexibility that provided by a Level I system.

Control Function

A control panel shall be provided and shall contain the following:

1) Automatic remote-start capability.

2) Run-off-automatic switch.

3) Shutdowns.

4) Alarms.

5) Controls.

Maintenance Requirements Testing

– EPSS, including all appurtenant components, shall be inspected WEEKLY and exercised under load MONTHLY.

– A log should be kept of the weekly and monthly checks/exercises.

– Sample maintenance logs are available in the contents of the NFPA 110 documents.

– A properly instructed individual shall over see routine maintenance program.

Additional Highlights:

– Section A- of the NFPA 110 recommends that lead-acid starting batteries be replaced every 24 to 30 months.

– A fire Extinguisher should be kept in close proximity to the generator and should be a type for the hazard.

If you wish to look at an NFPA110 OK Generators at 1-800-385-3187 and we will forward you a copy.

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