Five Steps to Properly Maintain A Standby Generator

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Having a generator will help ensure that you stay powered up when the power is down. However, simply purchasing and installing the generator is not enough. Like any piece of machinery, general upkeep is crucial for continued function. Would you keep a rare, 1970’s muscle car in the garage for years without putting the time in to keep it maintained? Of course you wouldn’t. So, don’t neglect the needs of your generator either.

The following maintenance tips are sure to keep your generator in tip-top shape.

Five Steps to Properly Maintain A Standby Generator 

1. Top off the oil after use. Generators with air-cooled engines (20kW and less) burn through oil   quickly. If you’re running the unit for an extended period, you’re going to need to add more

2. You should run a full oil change after 75 hours of use. So roughly every 50-75 hours, drain the old oil, replace the oil filter, fill the generator with clean oil, and replace the old spark plugs and air filter.

3. Clean your generator with either a damp cloth or soft bristle brush.


Add a fuel stabilizer to the tank and run it through the system before storage.

4. If the generator has an electric start keep the battery up with a trickle charge during long storage.

5. Run the generator for 10 minutes every month to keep it in peak operating condition.

Don’t be in the dark when the lights go out. Maintain your generator regularly to assure that it does its job when you need it most. Be sure to check out the OK Generators YouTube channel for more information.

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