How Your Backup Generator Works During a Power Outage

Image Source: Quicktricity

Image Source: Quicktricity

As most of you know, hurricane season is now upon us, knocking forcefully on our front door. Many people have an understanding of the destructive power of a hurricane or tropical storm. As a result, they have equipped themselves with backup generator.

The question is, do you know how your backup generator works? Equipping yourself with a backup generator is crucial, but the knowledge of its inner workings is important as well.

Here’s a quick run-through of the of how your backup generator works when a power outage occurs:

1. The controller in the generator monitors incoming voltage through the automatic transfer switch (ATS).

2. When utility power is interrupted, the controller waits 10-20 seconds, and then signals the generator to start. Within seconds, the ATS transfers to generator voltage.

3. The ATS does this by safely closing the utility line and simultaneously opening the power line from the generator. This will stop any “back feed” of power to the utility line of neighboring houses.

4. Within 15 seconds the standby system begins supplying electricity to the circuits you have chosen to be powered by your generator. The controller continues to monitor the utility line in order to be ready to transfer back to utility power when it returns.

5. When the controller senses that utility line voltage has returned at a steady rate, it automatically transfers the electrical load back and resumes monitoring for another outage. The generator will continue to run for another minute to allow the engine to cool down.

That is your basic run-down of the process a backup generator goes through once it experiences a power-outage. Be sure to check out OK Generators YouTube channel for more information on generators. After all, when it comes to making through hurricane season, knowledge may be the most important tool of all.

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