Businesses and Residents in Florida Urged to Prepare for Tropical Storms

Leading Florida-Based Generator Company, OK Generators, Provides

Recommendations for Maintaining a Commercial Generator

Deerfield Beach, FL: With the threat of Tropical Storms a weekly occurrence, OK Generators, a provider of emergency power generation systems and service to customers throughout the state of Florida, is reminding businesses and residents to make sure their generators are in working order. According to Bob Birdsong, president of OK Generators, along with the complacency many South Floridians feel regarding the Atlantic Hurricane Season, an avoidance of maintenance on existing generators has come as well.


“People that currently have generators need to be educated on how to maintain them properly,” said Birdsong. “While having a generator in place is of course a step in the right direction, in order to avoid the risks of lost revenue a generator must be maintained. Remember, a generator system is only as reliable as its weakest component.”


Birdsong offers the following tips for maintaining a generator:


  1. In the case of portable generators, when it is not in use – more upkeep is required. Every so often, it is critical to test the generator. I remind people that it is like an expensive car sitting in a garage… If it is not maintained correctly, it may not be available for a long road trip or in the case of a generator a two-week power outage.
  2. Run the generator under load once a month for four hours during the hottest time of the day (12pm to 4pm is a good time). This will simulate the most severe conditions and ensure your generator will work when you need it to.
  3. Check the battery, engine oil and radiator levels at least monthly.
  4. Make sure you do a transfer test (where you transfer the load from the house to the generator) once a month.
  5. 5.   Keep your professional generator service representative’s contact information handy and have them out to your home or business to review things every three months.

According to Birdsong, most commercial buildings, data centers and any company housing information or employees all need to have a generator in place. A business analysis can help companies determine what it would cost them to be without power or closed for a day, two days, a week or more. This number, Birdsong advises, should be compared to the cost of purchasing a generator to prevent the loss of power and business closures.


“Dollar for dollar, a generator is one of the best investments a building or business can make to increase its value and to protect its worth,” Birdsong adds. “Time is money and with the doors closed, your business is not making money. Similarly, if you are the only business in town with power, you can do very well.”
About OK Generators                                                 

OK Generators provides emergency power generation systems and service to customers throughout the state of Florida. Founded in 1978 and based in Deerfield Beach, OK Generators now has the largest service fleet in South Florida, which services over 1,200 generators. The Company provides complete services for its customers, including fuel delivery, testing, engineering, installation, monitoring and repair. OK Generators has an extensive service presence that allows it to immediately respond to disasters – often when others are not. Further, the Company has a comprehensive hurricane contingency plan in place so its service technicians can respond right after a catastrophe hits.


According to President Bob Birdsong, thanks to a blend of engineering and field experience, no one knows more about generators than OK Generators. And the business community in Florida agrees. OK Generators has met the backup power needs of organizations and companies, including: Miami Dolphins Stadium, Hard Rock Casino, Broward General Hospital, University of Miami, Department of Transportation, South Florida Municipalities (Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Lauderdale by the Sea), as well as the National Hurricane Center. Learn more at

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