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It is no secret that power outages cost businesses and other organizations time, money and opportunities. In fact, American companies lose as much as $150 billion every year due to power outages, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The main revenue-draining culprit: weather-related disruptions.

Resolve to protect your business investment in 2018, and be prepared for the next outage. Trust OK Generators with your emergency power needs. Be up and running when your competition is not.

As the largest commercial and industrial generator dealer in the U.S. with the biggest local service fleet in Florida, OK Generators helps many commercial and industrial customers throughout Florida keep their lights on be and operational when they need it the most.

OK Generators offers maintenance and repair services, insuring that our customers get equipment and parts at the best price with the best support in the least amount of time. The result: Minimal down time when it counts the most. After all, keeping you up and running when the power is out is OK Generators’ only business.

To reach OK Generators for all your generator needs please call 1-800-385-3187 or email Bobb@okgenerators.com.